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Letters For Life

This is the official Blog for W.E.N.G.S. I often journal and write letters to God, and through this blog we are sharing emotions, situations we face, and experiences we go through in our lives as we follow God and pursue our journey to purpose. Letters for Life is all about sharing stories of reflection and hope.

Sometimes we feel we are lost in a forest full of trees; a wilderness full of foreign things. Sometimes we wonder how we allowed ourselves to get to this place, and we may even question where God is in the midst of it. It is not always easy, and even as Christians we have struggles, questions, and things we just don't understand. As I write these letters to you, to God and anyone else who will read them, it is my prayer that you get inspired to share your own letters. More importantly, I hope that I am able to encourage you with words you can connect with and take with you on this road we travel called Life.

No matter where you are or where you've been, we have one fundamental thing in common. We are part of God's workmanship and created for His purpose. No matter how strongly we chase after God we are all subject to the challenges and trials of life. As a matter of fact, scripture tells us that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers us from them all (Psalm 34:19). Sometimes we can't see or feel our way out, but in time God will deliver us out of it all. There is no prayer too small, no situation too complicated, and no location too far. God meets us right where we are and takes us to where He wants us to be. That place always ends in His arms filled with grace and love. Look to the light shining through the trees and coming from the clouds of heaven, God hears you and knows everything you need.

Stay tuned for these blog posts as we share many letters of reflection on things God has delivered us from, purpose He has revealed, and miracles He has performed. Through it all we have found our hope and we want to freely share it with you.

If you want to share your own letter with me, please feel free to connect by sharing your story through our Contact Us page. You can email your story there and I look forward to reading and sharing it with others! May God bless you richly, as you find hope for your life and time to reflect on the purpose of everything God has allowed on your journey.

This is W.E.N.G.S. "Letter's For Life".


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