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 Women Established in God Soar

      W.E.N.G.S. was founded in January of 2015 by Antoinette Yvonne Staples. It was a vision given to her many years before by God to Encourage, Inspire, and Empower women all over the world. W.E.N.G.S. is committed to sharing the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ. We connect women in truth, while authentically enriching the lives of God's daughters with hearts of love, hands of service, and words of inspiration.


Our Mission:

It is our mission to encourage women to establish their identity in Christ, inspire women to live out their God given purpose with passion, and empower women to live boldly, fearlessly, and fulfilled for the Lord.


Our Vision:

To minister  to women around the world in such a way that their hearts are transformed, their purpose realized, and their lives irreversibly changed.



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