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We are making connections and changing lives.


Connecting in love, getting involved in the community, and sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Supporting and Serving:

It is imperative that we do our part to be the hands and feet of God here on the earth. With our commitment to be servants of the Lord first, we are dedicated to supporting and serving while we partner with other non-profit organizations and ministries everywhere.


W.E.N.G.S. in Our Community:

Ministry is much more than preaching in churches and hosting conferences. We gladly accept God's call to reach out to our community. This is our way to reach people where they are and uplift them through sharing the word of God.



Supporting and Serving 

We have walked with in The Sisters Network for the last two years and have raised close to $2000 with our Team WENGS to stop the Silence on Breast Cancer.

W.E.N.G.S. in our Community

We have partnered with Modify to serve some of Houston's homeless women and Children. for the last two years. Check out pictures from last year's event and follow us to see what we will be doing together this year.

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