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 A woman on a journey to fulfill her God given purpose while inspiring other women to do the same!

"I knew it was more than my responsibility at church. It was the calling God placed on my life. Church ministry was my training ground."


God began calling her out of her comfort zone in 2009 when she was the facilitator for her first small women's group, which is a group she led on Discovering Your Purpose. Shortly after, she was asked to return to that church and deliver

her first message in front of a church congregation in July of 2010. A message titled,

"In the Potter's Hands".

After that occasion, Antoinette ministered to the homeless in our city with messages of redemption and hope. She also ministers to grade school girls on their identity in Christ and their worth and value. 


Antoinette is a speaker, leader, and motivator among many other things, but what she prides herself on most is being a servant used for the Glory of God. 

She currently offers weekely encouragement and inspiration through her YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Antoinette is on a journey to fulfill the Purpose that God has for her, and her journey has just begun! 


Join Antoinette on her mission to Encourage, Inspire, and Empower women all over the world to establish their identity in Christ and Soar into their purpose.

 "Let's put on our WENGS and soar!"



Antoinette Yvonne Staples,


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